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JS2 - Ultrasound device - 1 and 3Mhz
JS2 - Ultrasound device - 1 and 3Mhz
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JS2 - Ultrasound device - 1 and 3Mhz

    • Continuous and Pulse Output
    • Intensity Control
    • Time Control
    • 1mHz/3Mhz Selection Control
    • Output Readout
    • Duty Cycle Control
    • Lightweight Design for portability


The JS2 is our most economical therapeutic ultra sound series which can provide 1MHz as well as 3Mhz treatments· The JS2 has a very versatile 5cm2 size soundhead that works very well for all body parts, both small and large. JS2 also provide unique applicator which can allow to control intensity and start/pause from the handle. The 1/3 MHz output of the JS2 can be used to treat the full range of applications and depths by adjusting the intensity level.


  • Product Weight (lbs) : 7
  • Shipping Weight (lbs) : 7
  • Weight Code : G